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W3.CSS Tables break horizontal scrolling

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While I'm a computer nerd, I'm not a CSS guy and I stumbled across the W3.CSS site today and you guys are fantastic. I was able to have some spiffy looking tables up and running in no time! One issue I've encountered is that I have a table with a number of cells that unless you're using a 64" TV as a monitor will disappear off the right of the screen and require scrolling. Not ideal, but it meets the purpose of the page and the information being displayed (it's not a public facing site).

Just by puttingĀ 

<link rel="stylesheet" href="w3.css">

into the the source, even without using any of theĀ w3-table-all or similar tags, causes the horizontal scroll bar to disappear. The table data that is off the screen becomes inaccessible. Is this something that is easy to fix? Am I using the tags wrong? I am using the latest Google Chrome as a browser.

I did try using the search feature here to no avail to see if this was previously reported. My apologies if this is a duplicate post.


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