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link click counted?


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This may be the wrong place, but I want to be able to count a link which has been clicked. So a number would be displayed next to it.

Could be javascript, but the link I am using is in php code. I just used that as it worked for what I needed. so I have two links below in this table/code.

echo '<table><tr>';
  while ( $row = mysqli_fetch_array( $r, MYSQLI_ASSOC ))
    echo '<td><strong>' . $row['item_name'] .'</strong><br><span style="font-size:smaller">'. $row['item_desc'] . '</span><br><img src='. $row['item_img'].'><br>' .'<br><a href="robotpainted.3ds">Download 3ds robot file</a><br><a href="robotpainted.blend">Download robot blend file</a></td>';
  echo '</tr></table>';




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