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Trying to import XML & XSD into Excel.

Wendy P.

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I am working with an HTM file (GSVideoScheduleEuro) originally imported  into Dreamweaver from Excel using Dreamweaver's method for importing tabular data.  I had to edit the .htm document to add features such as shading and borders.  Since then, I also directly edited some of the content of the Dreamweaver file without changing the structure.

I am trying to get the revised HTM document back into Excel with exactly the same features as in the HTM document to be able to perform additional calculations.  I saved the HTM file as an XML file (see attached "GSVideoScheduleEuro.xml"), edited it in XML Copy Editor to have it classified as well formed and validated EXCEPT for the following error:

     "Error at line 3, column 89: attribute '{http://www.w3.org/2000/xmlns/}xs is not declared for element 'html'"

I also used XML Copy Editor's "Create Schema" tool to create the attached "GSVideoScheduleEuro.xsd" file. 

When I try to import the XSD file into Excel using the Developer/Source tool, I get the following message:

Description: /schema/element[1][@name =


'xmlns' cannot be used as the name of an attribute declaration.

Can someone help me resolve these errors?

Many thanks!







GSVideoScheduleEuro.xml GSVideoScheduleEuro.xsd

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