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Can I Use A DropDown Menu With Outline Buttons?


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I've created an outline button menu following the samples here: How TO - Outline Buttons .

One of the outline buttons needs to have 3 dropdown items. I've reviewed the samples here: How TO - Dropdown Navbar , but am confused if I can add the dropdown function to only one of the outline buttons.

I've attached a screen shot of the effect I'd like to create - except I'd like each item in the dropdown to be a separate outline button. This example is from a CMS we have decided not to use.

Here's the HTML code I'm using to create the web page:


<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">
<meta charset="UTF-8">
<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1">
<title>Menu Test</title>

      FONT-SIZE: 16px;
      FONT-WEIGHT: bold;
      COLOR: #000000;                                 /* Black */
      BACKGROUND-COLOR: #33CC00;                      /* Strong green */
      BORDER: 2px solid #000000;                      /* Black */
      BORDER-RADIUS: 25px;
      PADDING: 14px 28px;
      CURSOR: pointer;
      MARGIN: 0px 15px;                               /* Sets margin for top and right spacing (bottom and left take same values */

      BACKGROUND-COLOR: #FFCC66;                      /* Light orange */
      COLOR: #ffffff;                                 /* White */

      TEXT-ALIGN: center;



<main class="TEXT-ALIGN-CENTER">
  <h1>EWATV Menu</h1>

  <a href="https://ewatv.org/" target="_blank"><button class="BTN">Home</button></a>
  <a href="https://ewatv.org/About-Us.htm" target="_blank"><button class="BTN">About Us</button></a>
  <a href="https://ewatv.org/Join.htm" target="_blank"><button class="BTN">Join</button></a>
  <a href="https://ewatv.org/Resources.htm" target="_blank"><button class="BTN">Resources</button></a>
  <a href="https://ewatv.org/Gallery.htm" target="_blank"><button class="BTN">Gallery</button></a>
  <a href="https://ewatv.org/Contact.htm" target="_blank"><button class="BTN">Contact EWATV</button></a>
  <a href="https://ewatv.org/Donate.htm" target="_blank"><button class="BTN">Donate</button></a>

  About Us
  Resources (dropdown)
  Contact EWATV



Thanks in advance.

WIX dropdown menu.jpg

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