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XSLT and Entities


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  I'm using XSLT to take XML and output to different XML.
  One node has
  <pronounce>&abreve;-b&umacr;s&prime; d&emacr;-t&ebreve;r&prime;&ebreve;nt</pronounce>
  This <xsl:value-of select="$storage/mainentry/pronounce[1]" disable-output-escaping="yes"/>
  Only outputs -bs d-trnt but I want it to output exactly what's in the document:

&abreve;-b&umacr;s&prime; d&emacr;-t&ebreve;r&prime;&ebreve;nt

Or even transform the entities to the HTML equivalents.

Those entities are not declared in the document.
Is there a way to add a declaration to the style sheet? I cannot add the declaration to each of the thousands of documents.

Many thanks.

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