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? on paring XML field


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Having trouble parsing an XML field in SQL.

Usually I do something like

      data.value('(/Data/...)[1]', 'varchar(10)')

But not sure how to parse out say "Case" in the example below?

<Parameters xmlns="http://www.www.com/WebFramework/WorkflowParameters.xsd">
  <Parameter Name="ClientID" StringValue="12903166" />
  <Parameter Name="Workflow_ActiveSlide" StringValue="317" />
  <Parameter Name="Document_First_UserID" StringValue="8577430" />
  <Parameter Name="Program" StringValue="120555" />
  <Parameter Name="Workflow_ActiveUser" StringValue="9137070" />
  <Parameter Name="Document" StringValue="14317336" />
  <Parameter Name="Case" StringValue="12903171" />
  <Parameter Name="ProgramSite" StringValue="152" />




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