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Create a range and add count/sum of values within each range


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Hi all,

Newbie to the forum and the world of SQL, hence apologies for my naivety.

From the attached table, I'm trying to create a range (as an output) and create a summary as shown in the attached in yellow. The reason being, the size of raw data (+2m rows). Trying to do this ins Microsoft SQL Management Studio.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.



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I've written the query plz refer it.

select t.order_count as [score range], count(*) as [number of occurrences]
from (
  select case  
    when order_amount between 50 and 100 then ' 50 - 100 '
    when order_amount between 101 and 150 then ' 101 - 150 '
    when order_amount between 151 and 200 then ' 151 - 200 '
    when order_amount between 201 and 250 then ' 201 - 250 '
    when order_amount between 251 and 300 then ' 251 - 300 '
    else ' 300+ ' end as order_count
  from order) t
group by t.order_count order by count(*) .

I hope you get the output you want.


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