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Hi, My name is Wesley, i am new to the programming scene.

As per above statement I have never studied programming until finding Python and have been practicing, learning and studying for the last 2 months.

It has reached a stage where i can understand the commands and how to use them, but i am getting bored of going through manuals and books that teach the same syntax. 

So I did some research to find out what career opportunities there are with programming and I am stuck as I am not sure what all entails and how to get into those career paths.

I don't have a bachelor for computer science but I have worked as an IT field technician - A+ N+ - for server environments and overall client support then changed careers to Medical X-Ray technical. Through life's journey I have realized that one can learn anything one wants to provided one take the time to learn and understand.

Software development and embedded systems development seem interesting but how to learn to do/get familiar with such tasks is where the confusion comes in. 

Can someone please advise?

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