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Question about escape characters Hi


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In Escape character, Backslash character (\\) does it work in Python?

In the following examples, whether I use \ or \\, the result is the same!

  1. print("This will insert one\(backslash).")→This will insert one\(backslash)
  2. print("This will insert one\\(backslash).")→This will insert one\(backslash)
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Hi Lara,

If you want to print illegal something in Python, you should use escape character.

>>> print("I am using \" illegal \" something.")
I am using " illegal " something.

else if you want to print two backslashes (\\) in string, you must use r before string.

>>> print(r"This will insert two \\ (backslashes)")
This will insert two \\ (backslashes)


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because misunderstood the question
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