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I am trying to connect mysql(8.0) and python(3.8) using mysql.connector but getting the error:

mysql.connector.errors.ProgrammingError: 1045 (28000): Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (using password: YES)

Windows 10

The code is:

import mysql.connector


same code properly working with pymysql.connect and sqlalchemy's create_engine.

kindly see the image attached

kindly reply soon as i need to complete it for a project urgently.


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Did you put a password for root account? Otherwise don't use any password for access.

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Yes, I log in to MYSQL COMMAND LINE CLIENT using that password. After that ,I typed  'select current_user;' and got the output:

| current_user   |
| root@localhost |

which means the password I use to login is of root account and host is localhost.

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Try to connect again adding "port" argument like this,

conn2 = mysql.connector.connect(host="localhost", user="root", passwd="12345", database="empl", port="#PORT")


Go to localhost sever using browser and make sure about that password is correct. Or make a new account (with password or without) and try to execute your queries via command line with database.

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