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port forwarding issue (i think)


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Hi I have set up an old desktop pc with ubuntu 22.04 server edition to host a web application that I have written. I have pointed my domain to it and can access it via the domain but only from the laptop I'm using right now which tells me that the server works fine as I can use the website and on the local network I can use the domain to access it so I am certain the domain is pointed correctly also leaving me to think it has got to be ports not forwarded correctly. I think it might have to do with my server desktop not having a wifi card or dongle and being too far form the router to reach with a cable so the laptop im using now is connected to the router via wifi and then the server desktop is connected to the laptop via ethernet cord. is it possible that the server not being connected directly to the router is causing an issue? I have logged into my router and tried to forward the ports for my desktop but had to add the device using the mac address but not sure if it is actually opening its ports when i try, this laptops ports open when i change the settings i tested them on a portchecker website.


If I were able to find a browser for my server i could use the website to test if that devices is opened up, perhaps thers another way? (my ufw has allowed the required ports too)


sorry if thats a whole lot at once im just extremely confused at this point, i feel as though I'm very close to success but clueless to get there.


EDIT: I forgot to mention that sometime while being stuck trying to figure this out I have lost access to webmin, it just wont load the log in page.

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ok i dont know what is going on. I cant access my website from the internet but I can from my LAN. I have done every step there is with setting up my own server and hosting my website and nothing is working. my ports are definietly open since i installed the desktop part of ubuntu on my server to use a browser to test them. I ahve virtual host file named mydomainsname.conf  and i even ahve the domain pointed to the server which works on LAN when i use my domain to access it but for some reason it wont work when typing domain name from outside of LAN. its my understanding that I can run a website with only having to pay for a domain name but if there is anything else i "have to" pay for to host my own website please let me know.


even if anyone has ;links to anywhere that can help me read up on why but i probably already seen it as I spent the last 5 days trying to find the right google search term for my problem and getting nowhere fast

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