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Review My Simple PHP & MySQL Blog


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Hello coders,

I have been coding for a while now and I learned most of the coding from W3Schools and YouTube. I have built the following blog using PHP and MySQL.

Here is the website: https://farrisblog.farrisfahad.com/

I am also selling it on CodeGrape if you are interested: https://bit.ly/3vZ1lN9

Let me know what you think :)

Thank you,

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Hi Farris,

Congratulations on building your blog using PHP and MySQL! It's great to see your dedication to coding and learning from resources like W3Schools and YouTube. Your blog looks clean and well-organized. It's impressive that you're also offering it for sale on CodeGrape.

Here are a few thoughts on your blog:

  • The layout is user-friendly and easy to navigate.
  • The design is neat and professional, which is essential for a blog.
  • It's evident that you've put effort into creating a functional and aesthetically pleasing site.

If you're looking for feedback, consider adding a bit more personalization or unique features to make it stand out even more. Overall, it's a commendable project, and I wish you success with both your blog and your sales on CodeGrape!

Best regards,

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