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Link CSS tutorial sections to W3C documents


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The CSS tutorial chapters, e.g. Text Alignment, have information and examples of use, but do not comment on whether the features are yet recommended by W3C.

For example, the text-align-last property mentioned in the above-linked tutorial page is contained in CSS Text Module Level 3 which as of January 2023 is listed as "Candidate Recommendation Draft", i.e. it has some way to go to reach the level of Recommendation. It may be important for some users to avoid using features that are still at Candidate/Draft level, since they may not be stable and could still change before becoming Recommended.

Providing a hyperlink to the relevant W3C Specification document, in this case, CSS Text Module Level 3, would allow the user to check the first line of the document which clearly shows the its status. In addition, for some features, there is more detail, further examples, or warnings regarding use, which may not be appropriate to have in the W3Schools tutorial, but could be valuable further reading for users.

I understand that this would involve one or more edits to each tutorial chapter, but in my opinion would further enhance the usefulness of the CSS tutorial.  

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