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To Add values of HoH by day, hour and minute


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HI good morning, I have been use a multidimensional Hash of Hashes but I have been could't  continue, please could you help me?

The data are by date, hour and minute, and it have  a value:

Actually I  access the data from postgresql database:

         00:00=> 120
         23:57=> 320562.90)

         00:02=> 802
         00:03=> 1203
        23:57=> 320562.69
        23:58=> 342514.68
The user input a date range and have been get a HoH showed,  however I need generate average between the dates input by the users.

For example,  I must get the average of 2023-01-01 23:57=> 320562.90 and 2023-01-02 23:57=> 320562.69

I has been use the next reference but I can`t  get the result :

Please, any body please help me.


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