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I first went on W3Schools around 2014 to learn HTML and a bit of Javascript. Back then, there were only tutorials on web programming languages. Therefore, I went to learn programming languages on tutorialspoint but the quality of their tutorials aren't that great, although they have a quite large library. I only came back to W3Schools around 2021 or 2022 and noticed that programming languages such as C, C++, C#, Java and Python were added as tutorials and I found them far better than those at tutorialspoint. Though, it is a shame that W3School's library isn't as large as tutorialpoint's. That is why I'm suggesting that creating a tool to allow the community to create custom tutorials would be an excellent addition to this website. Let's say that, for instance, I wanted to create a Lua tutorial. If it hasn't been created by the community yet, I could create it and anyone could contribute to it. If at some point, the staff reviews the tutorial and judges that the quality is good enough, they could decide to make it official. Such a tool could greatly improve the user experience and expand the library of tutorials on this website. What do you guys think?

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