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Add a marketplace where users can buy and sell code


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Having a marketplace is a good idea. But, the market is pretty saturated. Some developers have luck selling things like WordPress themes and plugins. There are sites out there which allow you to sell code. But, there's so much plagiarism and theft that it's almost impossible to stop people from stealing your web code. As soon as you stop one person from doing it, 5 new ones pop up. I think that a lot of devs do good by offering free versions of their stuff to gain an audience and then sell your services to customize it for people who are unable (or unwilling) to do their own coding. I think a marketplace of available coders would be cool (like Fiverr). But, since web code isn't compiled, it's hard to stop people from stealing it and reselling your work as theirs. It seems like the money is in the customization of your code -- not the direct sale. Make it open source and then charge people to customize it.

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I feel like they could do something with plagiarism in programming world as they did with literature, online video content and some much more., (especially considering the shocking advancements in modern hardware/software + AI). But if they aren't  doing anything, there must be reasons.

I miss the "Old World" of compiled programs. omg lol !

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