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I enhanced the W3Schools To Do List Example


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I really liked the To Do List example found on W3Schools here:


I enhanced it by adding some new features:

  • Save data to local storage in JSON format
  • Allows users to backup their data (Import/Export JSON files)
  • Allows users to edit & delete To Do List items
  • Customizable List Name
  • Customizable key name for local storage
  • Customizable dates (locale setting)
  • Built-in sample data which doubles as a help tutorial
  • Supports URL parameters (e.g. index.html?foo=bar) even though it's not currently used in my app
  • Uses Bootstrap for styling and icons and SortableJS for drag-and-drop sorting
  • Responsive design for mobile devices 

You can view an online example of the app here: https://kendawson.online/list/

I also uploaded a copy to my W3Schools Spaces here: https://kendawson.w3spaces.com 

You can download source code from Github here: https://github.com/kendawson-online/todo/

Released under the MIT License. 

Feel free to use however you want. Feedback / bug-reports are appreciated.

I have only tested on Windows 10 on Desktop / Laptop devices and also on Tablet / Phones running Android.

If you want to report any bugs, please let me know which versions / OS / devices you're running on.

2024-02-01 15.10.23 kendawson.online 8a9853c85f63.png

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