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How do I start a vbscript from a java server page?

Guest Hiyall

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Hi Ya'll,I am trying to call a vbscript from a java server page. I have tried <script language="VBScript" src="catinahat.vbs" /> (Cat in a hat is just my test file which in itself calls thing1.vbs and thing2.vbs) My real files create an Active Directory account, activate email accounts, and append to a log. Anyway, I want to kick off the vbs file as soon as the jsp page loads. Any ideas?

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hey try thishttp://www.faqts.com/knowledge_base/view.p...d/18026/fid/426or if you don't need to do any processing befor ethe javascript is run then just include this in hte <head> of your page.<script language="VBScript" src="catinahat.vbs"></script><script>onload=function InitPage(){ call first function from .vbs}</script>Substitue the VBScript equivalent for the javascript provided. Sorry I haven't touched VBScript in a long time and am very rusty.

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