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seeking help deploying vbscript


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To,VBScript experts,Just new to VB codes. I need your guidance. Actually i want to trigger a specific file for specific screen resolution to let my visitors get a perfect match webpage as their settings. To do this i'v discovered a VBcode which reads:

Sub window_onloadif screen.height < 768 Thendocument.write ("Resolution is less than 1024") // here i will direct to an asp fileEnd ifif screen.height >= 768 Thendocument.write ("Resolution set to 1024") // here i will direct to an asp fileEnd ifEnd Sub
Its working very fine and i want to use this code to my home page. Thus, i've to think for its compatibility. So my questions are:1. As i'm using this code to my home page how widely this code is compatible with web browsers?2. How web spiders, crowlers and robots will act to this code?Please make me aware of if there is any other issues i am missing to and which is important. If this code need some manupolations please do it for me. Waiting for your reply.With thanks,dev
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