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DOM, frames, and reloading

Guest cfican

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I discovered that I can change the frame columns from a frame using DOM as follows

parent.document.getElementById("frameset").cols = "75%, 25%";// frameset is the ID of my frameset.

but that also causes the page in the to reload, losing the information I want to display. Is there any way I can change frame spacing without reloading the page?

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Sometimes when you can't work around something, you just have to work through it. Since the frame reloads, why not submit the form that is on that frame with the appropreate values, so whe it refreshes, it does so corretly. I did this with a global variable called carrymethrough.

function ShowMe() {x = parent.TablesFrame.document.getElementById("mealmyForm").elements[0];x.value = carrymethroughalert( parent.document.getElementById("frameset").cols ); parent.TablesFrame.document.getElementById("mealmyForm").submit();parent.document.getElementById("frameset").cols = "75%, 25%";}

Problem solved.

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