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span class?

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Hello everyone,I am "fairly" new to working with css, so I won't try to be too difficult.I hope this is in the correct spot. If not, could an admin please move it?I want to build a page like THIS.Mainly the image and orange bars.I have the image and dark orange bar all set up:HTML:

    <div id="contentHeader">    <span class"imageBar"><img src="../images/handshake.jpg" alt="Handshake"/></span>    </div>

I just don't know how to get the smaller (light) orange bars in there.I can get them to be right under the image, but never in line like I want.I tried using display: inline, but that wasn't the winner either. I can post my css for that code if you need.I am kind of stuck. Any suggestions would be great.Thank you for your time!

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First, welcome to the forums.Second, can you post a link to what you have so far - just so we can take a look at the code and play with it.Do you have Wells Fargo budget? - Ok, just being sarcastic there, I know you just want the design concept. Post your link and I can try to see what can be done.:)

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