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Windows Media Player Object and Fullscreen

Guest smaug

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hi allI have made a video player in a browser window using an embeded Windows Media Player object and javascript. When the user is playing the video I have the uiMode set to "none" so the controls are hidden. Custom controls are used.I have a fullscreen button that make the video fullscreen at the same time as changeing the uimode to "full" so that the user sees the controls in fullscrren.Here is the problem:When the wmp object goes full screen the user has many options for returning to normal size (alt-enter, escape, and the button that the wmp controls provide). I need to know when the user returns from full screen so that I can switch the uimode back to "none".Is there a wmp event that will help me here? I looked but did not find one.I worked at this but there doesn't seem to be a fool proof solution, any suggestions would help me out alot.Thanks

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