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SOAP Example

Guest jina

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I'm very new to SOAP and WSDL. I wenty through the SOAP tutorial, but I need the following to be clarified. Can someone pls help me?In the Soap Request,a. What does the 'InStock' means in the first line?b In the Soap Body, the URI xmlns:m="http://www.example.org/stock is said to be the place where the function is placed. How do you write this function(the logic) in form of what file ?c. In real operation I believe that the name of the stock item will be decided by a user and selected through a form (if through a web site) Then how does this request gets created?d. How are these requests to be created dynamically through a web form?e. When you receive the response, how do you direct it to the web site?Pls help.Thanks in advanceJina

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