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Hi guys,I have a page that uses iframe to store some informations. They are all displayed correctly (fonts, line feeds, etc), but not when they are saved with iFrame_Name.document.execCommand("SaveAs", null, FileName). Is there any encoding setup needed or something to make it display correctly? I am trying to do here is to display some graphs and summory of its data on a page. On the page, there is a button that will save raw data retrieved from db, and hide them from users. (The raw data is to be saved when users want to download them). Is there any better way to do it? It's done with python server page, and its kind of new to me. I don't know how to change header to make text file to be saved instead of being displayed on the browser, so I go with iframe.Thanks for the time, and again I apologize for the previous post. I should've been more carefully.

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