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OK in IE6 - A mess in the rest...

Guest Grant

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For my first post here, I have a question about a layout I have been working on. I'm using "Curvy Corners" to give the entire page rounded corners. It works great in IE6, but in all the rest (Firefox, Opera, IE7 and probably Safari) it's a mess. If someone could look at it and advise me what to do so it renders in the rest of the browsers it woud make my day. My test page is located http://www.n7as.com/test-1.htmlThe main page content css is in the <head> section. I do link 2 other stylesheets, but they are for navigation and text styling only. The page validates fine for both CSS and XHTML 1.0 Strict.Somrthing odd that I noticed is when I place my Google Adsense code on this page, it turns up in, I think, French. On all other pages on my site, the Google ads are ok. Wierd!

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