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I need a simple POP3 script. Help!


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I need a simple PHP script that can do the following.

  1. Access an email account and plug the messages into an array.
  2. If the message contains specific keywords, then update a database with the new data.
  3. Delete all the messages.

I already have the database part figured out, but I have no idea how to access a POP account using PHP. Once I have the email messages sorted into an array I can figure out what to do with them. I just need to know how to access the email, and how to remove them when the script finishes running. The email account I'd use would be specific for this procedure only.I know PHP offers the mail command for sending mail, but I can't find any good sites on the internet here that guide you through the process of accessing email using a PHP script. If anybody knows of a good site that has tutorials on this topic I'd appreciate it very much!!Thank you,Supertrucker :)

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To answer my own question, after much digging on the internet I found a website with some good examples. There's a class available for download that has a lot of functions I was looking for. If other people are reading this and need pop3 in their applications, here's where I found a good example:www.phpit.netThe downloadable class allows you to read email off of a pop server.All you have to do is download a class and install it on your server. The examples do a fairly good job of walking you through the process. I hope this helps somebody! Took me forever to dig useful stuff out of all the useless crap online!Supertrucker :)

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