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  1. You should let users to upload copyright permissions. You should add option to choose copyright permission when someone uploads an image etc. And you should create Terms of Service to not be responisble for any stealing it may occur. Hope this helps.
  2. Can you be more specific? Is this a global question about forms or? You can always add into CSS tags like input.class_name{color:#FFFFFF; etc.} Does this solves the problem?
  3. Did you tried adding a value to submit? I see Elizabeth_Keen has also said this above. It should add value into address bar when you submit it. If not try with button tag then instead of submit. But first add a value for sure.
  4. Maybe to use percentage instead of pixels for website width or height because the website can be browsed from a mobile phone or less resolution monitor and you will need to scroll it then, which can be boring.
  5. You need to input for body default color in stylesheet, all rest formatting sections will follow the same unless you haven't changed it to some other color or your other values have changed maybe by using a CMS of some kind?
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