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  1. css is called cascading style sheets so if u look at it from that way u look how the cascade is applied then u will figure this one out
  2. i read somewhere that it is good practise to hide the file extension of your web pages for security reaons as this makes it more difficult for hackers to know what code u are using and also that when u migrate from one language to another its easier u dont have to change file naming for seo purposes so my question is, how do i hide file extensions for web pages i.e instead of websitename.com/toys.html i want to have the url read websitename.com/toys
  3. we should stop using tables for structuring sites, use divs please if its html5 there are semantic tags like footer e.t.c
  4. center is a deprecated element u should use text-align for inline text centering and margin:0 auto for block level elements. so as long as the center element is in ur code it will not be valide
  5. html5 is the way to go together with smil, svg & timetexed u are good to go
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