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  1. Another consideration if he wants to be able to do the query without having to remember to type in the year each time would be to create views that are named based on the year and search only through that year. So you would have tablename2006, tablename 2005, tablename 2004, etc. That way all the data is still stored in one place which will be much easier to manipulate later on or if you need to do full reports on all years rather than just one.
  2. Kcarson

    IE 7 and CSS

    Thought you all might be interested in Microsoft's comments regarding their CSS compatability in their upcoming IE 7.http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/default...._css_compat.asp
  3. I believe you can just list the three types one right after the other meaning:CREATE TRIGGER Recount_Num_Keywords AFTER UPDATE, INSERT, DELETE OF ClientID ON ClientstoKeywordsBEGINUPDATE Clients SET NumKeywords (SELECT COUNT(*) FROM ClientsToKeywords WHERE ClientID = new.ClientIDENDI am not positive though, so you might just give it a try. This was based off of some old documentation I read for Oracle.
  4. Another disadvantage of Server Side for some sites is that it can bog down the server itself because it will have to do all of the processing versus letting the user's computer do some of it. This isn't a huge factor for most sites, but should be noted in the conversation at least.
  5. Kcarson

    After a date

    What are the column types you are storing the dates in? Is it defined as a datetime column?
  6. There is also private SSL's from what I understand that you can create yourself, but then you must give the SSL personally to whoever will use your site and they will have to install it on their end to. (I don't know much more about this as it is what the network crew at my company told me when I inquired one day. I just asked how we could create a secure link between us and our customer, and they said we can do a private or public cert, the first is free and takes 15 minutes to create but requires them to install the cert on their side as well. The second cost a couple of hundred and takes a few hours, but doesn't require any work on the customer's part. But I am not a hundred percent sure of the accuracy of their statement).Also, Verisign (http://www.verisign.com/) is a very popular place to get a public SSL
  7. Just about, you might need to write it varchar(10) or whatever. Here is a link to better describe it and the possible date formats.http://platinum.intersystems.com/csp/docbo...EY=RSQL_convert
  8. All it takes is 30 posts. But as he mentioned its value is very debatable considering someone with 30 posts has the same ranking as someone with 500....not to mention, most people (including me) do not feel that a member's value lies only in the number of posts, but in the value of each post.In some cases, rankings like these promote post wars, where people begin posting comments that are not helpful to the community but are only made to increase their count. Luckily we have been able to avoid that for the most part here.
  9. Kcarson

    Dynamic Menu's

    Ok, so it is an if statement checking to see what page you are on in order to decide which sub-menu to display. Makes enough sense. Let the fun begin now....(meaning now I can start whether it be with Shinta or Skemcin's method)
  10. Kcarson

    page layout

    Here you go:http://www.php.net/downloads.phpThe site has plenty of info on PHP...since it is a PHP only site
  11. Check out this link and if you still have questions let us know:http://www.w3schools.com/ado/ado_intro.asp
  12. I would also add:1. Too many linked images on menu and home page2. Linked images are inconsistent in size and shapeBut first priority would be the frames and size of header
  13. Ok, I know that it is probably bad practice to do this (refer people to other forums that is), but I doubt any of us will know specifically what is going on...so try this, go to the forums on mysql.com, here is the linkhttp://forums.mysql.com/Since that is all they talk about there, they should definitely be able to help you. They even have a section for installs only.
  14. Kcarson


    An interpreter. as boen_robot said, for Javascript it is a browser, for ColdFusion, PHP, ASP, and ASP.NET it is their respective applications. That is why one of the first things mentioned for those scripting languages is installing the necessary application to run the scripts. Due to this, scripting languages generally take longer to run than programming languages because a programming language has already been compiled to machine code and is made as efficient as possible, but a scripting language must be interpreted to machine code and then run...just one extra step that compiled code doesn't have to deal with. The difference in time between the two though will not be significant until you start getting into large programs.The advantage of scripting languages is that it is easier to make changes and run through and test them, because you don't have to re-compile after each change, where as a programming language requires a re-compile, which if your program has a lot of pieces can take a while and is definitely a nuissance when making changes frequently during development or making a small change in one object out of 100's and having to recompile it all as a result.Finally, one of the big disadvantages with scripting languages is that the code is available for all to see, although from what ASPNetGuy has said in other posts, I think ASP.NET allows you to do some compiling, but I am not sure on that.------Eric, as for how much skill it takes, look into LISP, its a scripting language but I guarantee you that a beginner would be lost...I was for a week or two when I messed with it, and I had taken quite a few programming classes. And if I hadn't had programming experience it would have taken me twice as long. On the flip side, I have seen people with no experience write programs in VB and even some simple ones in C/C++. I think the skill debate boils down to what you are using and what you are trying to do. Anything can be easy or hard depending on the task and the tool.
  15. Kcarson


    or if you are wanting to place it on your website so that others can link to it to download (be careful, legally that is), you would do this:<a href="FileLocation.mp3"></a>Where FileLocation.mp3 is the name and location of your song.
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