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Firefox 57 & html date input

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A web site that I use frequently has a date input field. The site was recently updated for HTML5 and the line of code is -

<tr><td><b>Updated since</b></td><td><input type="date" name="search_up" value=""> (format yyyy-mm-dd unless otherwise specified)</td></tr>

The comment at the end caters for non HTML5 compliant browsers.

Any way, the problem is that FF puts up a proforma of the date as do Chrome and Edge. However the FF proforma is in USA format of mm/dd/yyyy whereas for Chrome and Edge the proforma is correct at dd/mm/yyyy for my locale. I'm in Australia and my PC settings all reflect that.

Does anybody know why FF does this, is there a setting somewhere or have Mozilla missed checking the locale ??





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Thank you very much for your response. Unfortunately it didn't work for me. I tried both EN-GB and EN-AU at the top of the list and even each on their own. I restarted FF each time but the format remains as mm/dd/yyyy. I also cleared the cache each time, just to be sure.



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