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    CSS form element

    That is text on its own, as it suggests with #text, input are void elements they dont hold content so using that attribute name is useless, only the form element is a content container try using that as a reference, it will change both together though, not separately.
  2. I believe you can set it to accept both. Short tags and long tags.
  3. If the font does not exist on your o/s it won't work. You need to download/link to this font and refer to it in css. See https://www.w3schools.com/whatis/whatis_google_fonts.asp
  4. Position absolute should only be used to overlay elements over another element. The direct child after body just requires min-height: 100%;.
  5. The first script tag is a link to external javscript code, it has opening script tag, the src attribute then a closing script tag. Your inline js code should have a opening script tag NO src attribute, you also have async and defer attributes outside the bottom opening script tag.
  6. Its the media queries setting font-size: 14px for (max-width: 767px) and (min-width: 320px), (max-width: 450px)
  7. Refer to parent id class element, it depends. Original: .mydiv { color: lime !important; } Override examples: body div.mydiv { color: red !important; } #parentdiv div.mydiv { color: yellow !important; } .parentdiv div.mydiv { color: purple !important; }
  8. You need to validate your page, it has misplaced javascript code, and div element. It also looks like it uses javascript to identify the scroll positioning, so you need to remove or turn it off. I dont see any load issues, but it could be down to problem mentioned at beginning.
  9. Yes! Adding more than one link will cause the whole web site to burst into flames, or does it? Ever thought of...you know, just trying it!
  10. Change display property, it only works if display: grid is used.
  11. You should never use 100% width on body or html element, that will cause issues. Bootstrap deals with html code within body element, not html or body tags themselves. If you didn't use html, body with 100% height, and tried to use flex box to give a container height to fill page, it wouldn't because the body shrinks down to content which would be flex box element margins, padding and flex box would fill to that height of body. So you control body, html height depending on the design required.
  12. You usually set body, html to height: 100%, Then set a outermost container to min-height: 100%; or nowadays min-height: 100vh;
  13. As long as you use container-fluid within you html you should be fine, as container class adusts to device width using media queries which are fixed widths, while container-fluid uses 100% filling the width of parent container it is in.
  14. Since bootstrap uses classes to apply different properties i would have thought yes! As long you custom class names don't conflict with bootstraps.
  15. Err? parent width override child width, no it wouldn't unless child has width inherit. Width is not one of those properties that carries on down to children unlike font-size for instance. Being a block element the div and p element would fill the total width of parent (the div header width, the paragraph the div width), if that is what you are getting? Inline element width is determined by content. .foobar > div > p{ width: 860px; } Should be fine
  16. You don't have a portfolio class, so it wouldn't work. https://www.w3schools.com/code/tryit.asp?filename=GJ9C01P6BR1H
  17. Look up data-i18n, as used by wikipedia, you add translation of text in json file to specific language, when page loads you set language to use and it searches for data-i18n attribute and translate key value to the selected language.
  18. Overflow on a outer container, with height 500px width: auto used on img element.
  19. If you set fixed height, you have to use the opposite value as auto, to get proportionately correct image. The background using cover will cause it to fill the whole area and clip any excess. So its not proportionately correct! To get the image the same, you would have to use overflow-x:hidden; this will achieve the same clipping that backround-size: cover; gave.
  20. Yes it can be done! Instead of using id reference you use the other reference, then by using this reference you can acheive the same result by targeting the next element of the element clicked. Hope i have given you enough info for you to achieve the result you wanted. If you don't think its enough, TOUGH where not mindreaders and apparently neither are you.
  21. What CSS? What javascript? What html? What w3schools click nav example? What do you want to happen? Why post a topic without giving necessary information, so it in most cases, be ignored because above info is missing?
  22. Try .field--item {display: inline-block;} .field--item:not(:last-child):after {content:", ";} .field--item:last-child:after {content:".";}
  23. Idenitfy what unit the printed page is using ie cm, inch, pt, px then use media query specific to printing to provide css in that unit. It might be a matter of converting px to equivalent pt unit.
  24. HTML does not go in <head>...</head> it goes in <body>...</body> and no one uses <font> tag anymore.
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