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product display options on hover

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I want to know how to do the following, but I don't even know the name for this effect:  You are shopping for a product - say a chair - and the store gives you option to see what it looks like in different fabrics.  You click on 5 different fabric swatches and you can view the chair  covered in each of those fabrics.  What is this effect called and where can you learn about it?



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Being a texture it would be difficult to reproduce as you would with plain colours as that would involve using a template with just shadows and stitching etc and placing colour styling behind it. With texture you will possibly have distortion of texture caused as it wraps round and also seam tension. So might be better to use a image of the actual texture item at the same perspective and place behind template outline or specific area of the item, layering it like you would in photoshop.

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