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How to center text in an SVG graphic?

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The following HTML creates an SVG rectangle containing a horizontal linear gradient and text, intended as a Banner.


Note that the text is not centered.

How do I center the text?

I tried the following, using some information on the web:

However, my attempt doesn't work:


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Go to the first link code and just adjust y position value and add text-anchor="middle"

        <text x="50%" y="60%" fill="white" font-size="45" font-family="Verdana" text-anchor="middle">THE NY TRIBUNE</text>


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Thanks for this info. It works perfectly for the horizontal centering. However, vertically, it doesn't appear to be centered. Is there any way to center SVG text vertically? There doesn't appear to be an attribute of <text> for this. Is there a way to do it using JS? (eg: to return the height of the text (th) and the height of the banner (bh) and then do (bh - th)/2, for instance?)

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