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  1. Hi. I was asked to rebuild my company's website. The company gave me access to a temporary server for me to test the website and play around with. Not all menus work but here is the front page: http://www1.ocn.ne.jp/~kvic I got it to look right on Chrome, Firefox and IE8, but not IE6 and IE9. In IE6, the three divs are pushed to the right (the right-most box is moved below the left-most box as a result).In IE9, the feature div is duplicated above itself but it's just a blank box.How do I fix this? I'm really new at this, having taught myself CSS in just 2months+ so the CSS is really messy. Now I know what real web designers face everyday. Please advise. Thank you. Edit: Also, if you find other things that should be fixed or could make the code look tidier, please point them out.
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