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  1. I'm a junior in high school, actively pursuing colleges to apply to next year. I'm decided on that I would like to code/program software, operating systems, apps, things like that. My plan is to also stay in Virginia, but according to my search, only a small handful (2-4) colleges in Virginia offer Software Engineering/Computer Software. However, I've heard Computer Science is similar and that returned with a lot more results. What's the difference between the two? And in the software engineering/programming/whatever you want to call it field, what's the difference in job acceptance/salary for
  2. Hi, I'm trying to replicate CSS3 transition effects for older versions of IE that don't support these transition effects. I'm trying to use the jQuery: $('#myelement').fadeIn(); However, I'm exceptionally bad at understanding Javascript and need some help making this code do what I want. What I want is when you hover over an image with the class "left1", I want it to grow to the specifications I have in my styelsheet for left1:hover. Of course, while transitioning. I already have the code exactly how I want it for CSS and HTML and already have jQuery linked up with my page. Now how do I
  3. Hi, I took a Google Calendar and embedded it into a page as an iframe. I took the code directly from Google Calendar's code generator and posted it into my site. It all XHTML and no CSS is involved in the code I took. In Safari, it looks correctly and looks just as it should. However, in Chrome and Firefox, where the iframe should be, it appears as just a large blank space as if there's something there, but it's invisible. Opera flat out gives an error stating iframes must be opened in another window and cannot be embedded. My question is, how do I get the iframe to load properly on Chro
  4. Hi, I'm designing a website for a competition and my site consists of a banner with a navigation bar in it with text and information running down the webpage. The background is a yellow-colored image and the text runs down the page in an 80% wide white table. I have the background CSS as so: body { background-image:url(assets/backgrounds/background.jpg);background-repeat:no-repeat;background-attachment:fixed;background-size: 100% auto;margin:0} When I shrink the browser horizontally, the background scrunches up at the top of the page, revealing white space all underneath it. The banner
  5. Thank you for the wonderful explanation! That helped me understand a lot. Do attributes like hover only work on classes and not IDs? For example, should I be able to change '.buttons:hover #over' to '.buttons #over:hover' and get the same result? I just tried it and it didn't work, so I'm assuming not...is that the case?
  6. I found this code snippet online and I'm confused as to why there's multiple classes and IDs in the individual CSS groups. This is my HTML code: <div class="buttons"><img src="assets/button.png" id="up" style="position: absolute;"><img src="assets/button2.png" id="over"></div> and the corresponding CSS code: #up, .buttons:hover #over {-webkit-opacity: 1;-moz-opacity: 1;opacity: 1;} .buttons:hover #up, #over {-webkit-opacity: 0;-moz-opacity: 0;opacity: 0;} What these codes do is when I hover over the button, it fades out the original button (e.g. the up button) and
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