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  1. Well i used some free hostings to test whole thing,whole thing worked perfectly. Now i brought domain name,for verry low money,and conrtol panel is Parallels,and i got problem... It shows "Server Error 403 - Forbidden: Access is denied. You do not have permission to view this directory or page using the credentials that you supplied." Can't see website,and can't see php files if there exist any code,but when is empty i can open in browser.Other files i can open with np. To say truth,i have no idea how to fix this,i spended about 5 hours to figure out where i did mistakes and nothing. Any suggestions?
  2. Ty for answer.I fixed that with queryes. There's one more thing i wish to know. I seen google's robots.txt and i made same style for my project. I wanna know if i did it corectly.this is just example. robots.txt User-agent: *Disallow: /confDisallow: /css_scriptsDisallow: /imagesDisallow: /java_scriptDisallow: /pages_tAllow: /?id=Sitemap: http://localhost/sitemap.xml sitemap.xml <sitemapindex xmlns="http://www.sitemaps.org/schemas/sitemap/0.9"><sitemap><loc>http://localhost/map.xml</loc></sitemap></sitemapindex> map.xml http://localhost/default.php http://localhost/default.php?id=1 http://localhost/default.php?id=2 http://localhost/default.php?id=3 Did i'm made good whole thing,also i'm not sure for 'Allow: /?id=' if i did corectly.
  3. I did script,looks ok to me,at least i still didn't got any error at my localhost. And i need be sure is script ok,to i can continue peacesfully. Script reading from mysql and shows in page,to i be precise,it only show in midle,there's used print for head and for footer html codes and midle is reserved for mysql for each page (5-6 should be),it shows by id. Anyway,will be nice if someone check my code and say if im in good way or not.I worry about so many queryes,i don't know if should be like that or not.This are 3 files,connection and default.php & second.php <?php$host = "****";$user = "****";$pass = "****";$db = '*****';$conn = mysql_connect("$host", "$user", "$pass") or die ("Unable to connect to database."); $defaultpage = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM $db.default WHERE id='$id'");$secondpage = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM $db.sec WHERE id='$id'");$thirdspage = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM $db.thrd WHERE id='$id'");$fourthpage = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM $db.fourth WHERE id='$id'");mysql_select_db("$db", $conn);?> <?phpinclude 'pages_t/page.php';$self = $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'];if($_GET['id']){$id = $_GET['id'];} else {header("Location: default.php?id=1");}print $firstchild;print $secondchild;include 'conf/connect_to_mysql.php';while($rowdefault=mysql_fetch_array($defaultpage)){$id = $rowdefault['id'];print $rowdefault['default'];}print $thirdchild;?> <?phpinclude 'pages_t/page.php';$self = $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'];if($_GET['id']){$id = $_GET['id'];} else {header("Location: second.php?id=1");}print $firstchild;print $secondchild;include 'conf/connect_to_mysql.php';while($rowsecond=mysql_fetch_array($secondpage)){$id = $rowsecond['id'];print $rowsecond['second'];}print $thirdchild;?>
  4. Only 2 develop tools i using,and it's xampp & notepad++And testing always in 4 browisers from localhost.Elastic container is something what i curently can't understand.When i say elastic i say while resizing window or etc to it keep own positions.(i using 1024x768)So,if i change in another size,it change a litlle.
  5. Hello.Each time when i resize window i get mess.What i should add in css?And how to make #body to be midle of schreen always?Here's some codes: <div id="body"><div id="manu"></div></div> body{font-family:Comic Sans MS , Arial;text-align:center;background-color:#000000;color:#179161;cursor:help;}#body{width:700px;height:600px;border:2px solid #179161;box-shadow: 30px 20px 35px #4A804E;position:relative;}#manu{width:600px;height:100px;border:2px solid #179161;margin-top:1mm;margin-left:50px;position:relative;}
  6. Voorm


    Tnx for replyes.I made some changes.
  7. Voorm


    I tested same files at another hosting place,and works almost perfectly.And it let me so comfused...Anyway,problem i experienced now is "utf-8" and i can't modify file online.I guess i did wrong somewhere in head place.Or i writed !doctype wrong.It's tricky to me,to make decision wich one meta tags should be there and wich one not,so i add almost all meta tags i find : D <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN" "http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-strict.dtd"><HTML><HEAD><TITLE>###</TITLE><META HTTP-EQUIV="pragma" CONTENT="no-cache" /><META HTTP-EQUIV="CONTENT-TYPE" CONTENT="TEXT/HTML; CHARSET=UTF-8"/><LINK REL="STYLESHEET" HREF="i###"><LINK REL="STYLESHEET" HREF="###s"><LINK REL="STYLESHEET" HREF="###"><LINK REL="SHORTCUT" HREF="icon.gif" TYPE="IMAGE/X-ICON"/><LINK REL="icon" TYPE="image/x-icon" HREF="icon.gif" /><META NAME="DESCRIPTION" content="###"/><META NAME="KEYWORDS" CONTENT="###"/><META HTTP-EQUIV="refresh" CONTENT="240"><META NAME="author" CONTENT="###" /><META NAME="copyright" CONTENT="Copyright © 2013 ###"><META HTTP-EQUIV="content-language" CONTENT="EN"><META NAME="Rating" CONTENT="General"><META NAME="Distribution" CONTENT="Global"></HEAD> I writed these right?Or i'm totaly out of way?
  8. Voorm


    Hello.I finded somewhere this JS,it's even cool,only problem is that,only i can see writed.It;s normal,my point is,can be done same but to other can see,somehow?Here's code: <script language="javascript" type="text/javascript">/* Visit http://www.yaldex.com/ for full source codeand get more free JavaScript, CSS and DHTML scripts! */<!-- Beginvar expDays = 10;var exp = new Date();exp.setTime(exp.getTime() + (expDays*24*60*60*1000));var ShowCount = 0;var SwapColour;function ListToDoItems() {var NumToDoItems = GetCookie('PT_NumToDoList');var i;var ToDoItem;if (NumToDoItems == null) {NumToDoItems = 0;}ShowCount = 0; SwapColour = 0;for (i=1; i <= NumToDoItems; i++) {ToDoItem = GetCookie('PT_ToDoItem'+i);if (ToDoItem != null) {PrintItem(ToDoItem, i); } }}function DeleteItem(Count) {DeleteCookie('PT_ToDoItem'+Count);window.location = window.location;}function PrintItem (ToDoItem, Count) {var color = "";SwapColour = 1 - SwapColour;if (SwapColour==1) {color = "bgcolor='#4d4545'"} ;ShowCount++;document.write("<tr " + color + ">");document.write("<td width=10% align=center valign=top><small><b>"+ShowCount);document.write("<td width=75% align=left ><small>"+ToDoItem);document.write("<td width=15% align=center><small>"+"<a href='javascript:DeleteItem(" + Count + ")'>Delete</a>");}function AddItem() {var NumToDoItems = GetCookie('PT_NumToDoList');var i;var ToDoItem;if (NumToDoItems == null) {NumToDoItems = 0;}ToDoItem = prompt("Enter new item");if ((ToDoItem != null) && (ToDoItem != "undefined" )) {NumToDoItems++;SetCookie('PT_ToDoItem'+NumToDoItems, ToDoItem, exp);SetCookie('PT_NumToDoList',NumToDoItems, exp);window.location = window.location; }}function set() {VisitorName = prompt("Who are you?");SetCookie ('VisitorName', VisitorName, exp);SetCookie ('WWHCount', 0, exp);SetCookie ('WWhenH', 0, exp);}function getCookieVal (offset) {var endstr = document.cookie.indexOf (";", offset);if (endstr == -1) endstr = document.cookie.length;return unescape(document.cookie.substring(offset, endstr));}function GetCookie (name) {var arg = name + "=";var alen = arg.length;var clen = document.cookie.length;var i = 0;while (i < clen) { var j = i + alen; if (document.cookie.substring(i, j) == arg) return getCookieVal (j); i = document.cookie.indexOf(" ", i) + 1; if (i == 0) break; }return null;}function SetCookie (name, value) {var argv = SetCookie.arguments;var argc = SetCookie.arguments.length;var expires = (argc > 2) ? argv[2] : null;var path = (argc > 3) ? argv[3] : null;var domain = (argc > 4) ? argv[4] : null;var secure = (argc > 5) ? argv[5] : false;document.cookie = name + "=" + escape (value) +((expires == null) ? "" : ("; expires=" + expires.toGMTString())) +((path == null) ? "" : ("; path=" + path)) +((domain == null) ? "" : ("; domain=" + domain)) + ((secure == true) ? "; secure" : "");}function DeleteCookie (name) {var exp = new Date();exp.setTime (exp.getTime() - 1);var cval = GetCookie (name);document.cookie = name + "=" + cval + "; expires=" + exp.toGMTString();}// End --></script><center><table width=100%><script language="javascript" type="text/javascript"><!-- BeginListToDoItems();// End --></script></table><br><hr><a href="javascript:AddItem()">Add</a></center> And looks like this: Sorry if i'm boring. I don't like do question/topic like this,but i would like to have right code about this.
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    Hello.I'm new at learning these languages,for now i learned some CSS and HTML,and i'm in fase of testing. After i upload created page,it show error "Too many redirections".Why for usualy that error message shows up?
  10. Hello,I'm 24 years old Serbian.I started with learning html & css before 2 months.I stuck with js right now.Maybe i'm too old for strating,but it's never late,life is long after all.4th year of Business Studies.Trained in physical security.Next mision should be some programing school,also planing improve English language.Whole life i was just a gamer,but,in time i start like programing,in another words,i'm impressed what all can be done with some coding.I learned here a lot,but also i need some direct hints,and that's reason why i joined at forum. I hope i'm welcome and also i hope for some help (hints).
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