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  1. Hi, thanks for your advice. I have put the code you told me from http://www.w3schools.com/cssref/pr_class_float.asp. And change "image" to left & right sidebars instead. But the layout still looks funny?! Below is the code that I put in between the <head> tag and in the style.css: <style>.new-leftsidebar .new-rightsidebar{float:left;}</style>
  2. They don't seem to be fixed at all, and don't stay along the container?!
  3. Please have a look on my website now with the new boxes on both sides, http://bupphawitt.com/
  4. Please tell me again how to float everything left and in which file do I have to modify? I've added 2 boxes on both sides, but they look terrible, and I don't know how to fix it.
  5. Hi, thanks for your prompt response! I'll try it now. Thanks!
  6. Hi, I have a wordpress blog, http://bupphawitt.com/, that I want to create extra sidebars outside the container, and on both sides of it. The sidebars have to be fixed, so that when I scroll down the page the sidebars remain fixed. Please see yahoo page for similar idea I want to create, http://www.yahoo.com/. Have a look at its left sidebar, which is how I want my site to be, just the extra boxes on both sides. I have tried to create a wrapper outside it, but unsuccessful. I must have done something wrong. Can someone please guide me to the right direction? Any help would be highly appreciated. Please find a drawing attached, so you can better see how it should look. Beforehand Thanks! My website is: http://bupphawitt.com/ Regards, Buppha Witt
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