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  1. I am using Flash MX 2004, and your probem appears to be using on(click) - I used on(release) in its place, and it works. on(release){getURL("location", "_top");} -- mind, if this isn't what you need... it works for me. for example, the value in quotes there as location, you'd use index.html#services instead.
  2. Sorry, thought it might be a wee bit obvious, but... I tried. Sorry...
  3. Could it possibly be that the first thing in your code is a less than sign in coding, rather than the code symbol for anglebracket? Example:the code for <, the opening anglebracket on a code in (X)HTML, is < - that is, using < will show an opening anglebracket on your page. Try using the opening anglebracket itself, and see if the validation comes through.
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