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  1. I like Crimson Editor.It is one of the few text editors with ColdFusion syntax highlighting support. It is free, small and lightweight.
  2. davetacular

    HTML for XBox

    1. Yes, Xbox and Xbox 360 can access the internet, but not the WWW. It can only do this by going through Xbox Live.2. No, neither the Xbox or Xbox 360 have a web browser, unlike the Playstation 3.3. In my opinion, Xbox is the best console currently available. PS3 is too expensive and no longer has many great exclusive titles. Nintendo's Wii is too childish in my opinion. Xbox Live is the best on-line gaming network in the world due to the richness of the service.
  3. Just page my code into your editor to test it.Anyway I have "fixed" my problem by simply giving each link (button) its own class and then by setting padding for hovered links (a:hover) for that class. I had to precisely define the paddings width to the left and to the right of each button relative to the amount of text on the button for each individually. More text, less padding.I took a long road for a short cut, adding another 100 lines of CSS. I just can't find that short cut;maybe it's right under my eyes.At least it's working and all browsers (IE6, FF2 and O9) are satisfied.Is there an ea
  4. I'm testing rollover buttons using CSS and I've hit a dead end. I'm using a horizontal div navigation bar (740px x 25px), which I have cut up into five separate boxes (148px x 25px) using spans. I have floated the left within the navigation bar (their container). Each one of these five boxes has a background colour, and all contain a link. Using CSS I have given links focus and hover properties which change the background colour when rolled over. I have set the width of this new background colour to the same height and size of the five boxes. Meaning that the whole box that is being rolled ov
  5. I tried changing my resolution from 1024x768 to 800x600 but it still creates the gap. Opera also does the same thing so I'm guessing it's a browser rendering problem or there are errors in my code. I also noticed that this happens with list tags (<ul>, <ol> etc).Any other thoughts?Please try out my code to see if it does the same for you.
  6. I have only recently started using CSS (one week ago) and I'm currently practising creating page layouts. I have just finished my first one but have run into a little problem. Whenever I put any paragraph tags in the navigation bar (#nav), a gap of around 10 or 15 pixels is created between the header (#head) and the navigation bar. However this only appears to happen in Firefox The only other browser I have is Internet Explorer 6, and the gap is not present.Can I fix this problem? Or is it a Firefox bug?Also feel free to leave me hints or tips on improving my code, I need them.Thanks.
  7. davetacular


    NonsenseNonsence is telling made up or hard to believe stories."He was talking a load of nonsense."
  8. davetacular


    That's what I just said. Did you read my post?
  9. davetacular


    You can convert standard images into a favicon (favourite icon) which has a .ico file extension. Many sites allow you to do this so do a "favicon" search in Google and you'll find plenty. Once you have your .ico image upload it or put it into the root locations or folders that your web pages are stored.Most modern browsers should now detect the favicon and display it.Is this what your talking about?
  10. Yes, you are correct. So I'm guessing Notepad2 does'nt support this sort of indentation. I was reading through the stickied favourite editor topic and I noticed that you love ConTEXT. I downloaded it, but It does too much for what I want an editor to do and I love the speed and simplicity of Notepad2. Currently I'm trying to improve my skills of typing raw html so Notepad2 fits my needs perfectly. maybe in the future... Thanks for your reply.
  11. I have just started using Notepad2 today.In other editors I have used in the past they automatically arranged or indented my code as I typed. Notepad2 claims to do this to, maybe it does.For example my understanding of indentation is this;Without Indentation <table><tr><p>paragraph</p></tr></table> With Indentation <table> <tr> <p>paragraph</p> </tr></table> Does Notepad2 do this or is my understanding of indentation wrong? If so how do I enable this?The only indent option I see is Settings --> Auto
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