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  1. Where is that forum? There is a JavaScript forum. Isn't that enough? Agree. https://www.google.com/trends/explore#q=JQuery%2C%20Node.js Is there a JQuery sub forum? <OT> Do you know the new Norwegian web browser Vivalidi? Vivaldi use node.js. </OT>
  2. Will there be a Web 2.0 bubble? (Should W3 School members be aware of this?)SE engines use advanced empirical Bayesian filtering that is used in rocket science like the Kalman filter. Options pricing formulaes are in some cases more advenced than those used by rocket scientists. These formulaes are used to value a company, websites and more generally eProperty. I like very much the following statement made by Benjamin Graham, by many called the Dean of Wall Street. "You are no more right even if most people agree with you." Especially regarding businesses, credibility and reliability this is of utmost importance. The march 2000 dot com bubble should be well known by webmasters that has been online for some years. Internet businesses were valued at thousands and millions of dollars without (or zero) earnings. Price / earnings (P/E) is a very much used magnitude in finance. P / 0 = Infinite !! Infinite Price earnings.Many of them also went broke. What is a website worth thats a few years old?It is no problem to manipulate information on the WWW. You can sign up with different nicks on different IP addresses. You can manipulate information through your own network.This is serious. Be sceptical when too many people agree. Be sceptical when too many smile and laugh."Sober nations have all at once become desperate gamblers, and risked almost their existence upon the turn of a piece of paper. To trace the history of the most prominent of these delusions is the object of the present pages. Men, it has been well said, think in herds; it will be seen that they go mad in herds, while they only recover their senses slowly, and one by one."Copy on a related post at WebProWorld.
  3. kgun

    Uninstall Games

    There is (was?) a program called advanced uninstaller.Sometimes you have to maually uninstall the program. First stop the program (CTRL + Alt + Del) + stop process and then delete the prgram and the folder it is installed in. You can also clean the registers manually.
  4. kgun


    You have an excellent name, since "rounded design" is by some professional designers, viewed as Web 2.0 design. You used a form to make the design?
  5. Who Are We?Adhesion Arts is a web developing company that specializes in web sites that are up to current web standards as well as cross browser compatible.TitleContact....Too bad. The more you have there the better.1. At least one telephone number.2. Mail address.3. Pictures of persons and company building. Copy of house street number.4. CEO's cv etc.5. Last but not least. Organization number in Public Register like you have to do it in Norway with .no domains.The more detailed you are here, the greater the probability that the company will grow IMO.P.S. There are thousands of very good (HTML / CSS) templates for free on the internet. Why reinvent the wheel if your design is not outstanding? There are legal articlebots, auto content publishers etc. (mainly used to fool the SE's. I would not reccomend using them. You may be banned by Google.) that may produce database content in seconds. So you can set up a site with failrly well design in a few minutes. Daily good sites with Google Pageran > 0 can be bought on eBay for a few USD's. Credibility, content, experience, and excitement are the main ingredients in getting clients to stay on a site and revisit it time after time.
  6. I use all three for different purposes (e.g. testing and different home pages). I have had no problems in any of them. All three are fine here today. One argument for using at least two browsers. You can browse the web while upgrading to a new version.
  7. kgun

    XML and Opera 9.24

    Today, Opera 9.24 is ready. It must be a major upgrade 4,7 MB (larger than complete older versions) since it takes many minutes to upgrade. My impression is that Opera is (one of) the best XML compatible browser(s). It renders XML documents with accompanying stylesheets and Schema (a little unsure here) fairly well. My questions are: Do you see any difference in how it parses XML documents? What about XPointer, XLink and other XML technologies. How well are these technologies implemented in the browser? When will it be possible to export favourites with a well formed XML stylesheet? Example: http://www.expert-links.net/ Click "Professional IT Links" The xml file (very large, so loads slow on slow connections) with accompanying stylesheet is produced automatically by Mr. Mirror (C++ Prgaram as far as I kow. A method to produce the social network SE e.g. W3 Schools SE. Combining XML files and inplement a very good AJAX eneabled SE on the file system.) Security. Cross scripting still (nearly) impossible? Master password on bankaccounts the same? Other new functions and / or options?
  8. kgun

    AJAX Room

    Do you read my posts? Did you note my cite from the book by Bjørn Kirkerud? Was that about rocket science or programming? May be I require too much of you to read my posts (in connection).<digression>SE's use the same methods that are used by rocket scientists, eg. Bayesian Filteres like the Kalman and more generally the Masreliez filter.</digression>
  9. kgun

    AJAX Room

    I awaited that answer. Web 2.0 Applications.No time to discuss what Web 2.0 is about. Call it what you want for me. Web 2.0 hype if you want. Are we using Opera 1.0 still?Some relevant links related to Web 2.0.
  10. kgun


    Do I need to be more specific about accessibility. I have given you an example of a site that sets a standard. You start defending your own bad ideas on accessibility instead of listening IMHO. In addition I have given you a large collection of resources related to accessibility. As I told you the most impressing thing is, IMO, that the site is XML driven. I have no time to argue any more and comment on other parts. Other members have done that.Personally I would not include the AAA banner on the site. You are of course free to interpret the recommendations in your own way. Period.
  11. kgun

    AJAX Room

    My last word on just that. Is it rocket scinece to advocate correct (let us not discuss that word too) markup / code? No not everybody. Some people are too fast and sloppy. I could not said it better myself:Read what Matt Zandstra writes about being too fast. "The problem is that PHP is just too easy. It tempts you to try out your ideas, and flatters you with good results. You write much of your code straight into your Web pages, because PHP is designed to support that. You add the heavier code to functions in library files, and before you know it you have a working Web application. You are well on your way to ruin. You don't realize this, of course, because your site looks fantastic. It performs well, your clients are happy, and your users are spending money." I have no time to discuss that any more either. I have noted that tutorial. No, you are wrong. Professional AJAX combining different technologies like Google does is more (hidden frames and iFrames etc.)I wrote this http://www.forumnorway.com/viewtopic.php?t=705post today. Study that in detail. It may be just around the corner. Web Applications are developing fast. AJAX is part of that developement. I will not discuss that any more either. The admins and the moderators are the bosses on this forum. It is up to them to decide. Partly agree, but better to have all these question in one place. As I have told n-times, I would have called the forum "Web applications" (may be with an AJAX) subforum) And if the facts don't fit the theory, change the facts. Your facts nearly fits the theory, but sometimes you have to rewrite the map with newer technologies. A very simple example of a newer technology is combining old technologies in a new way like it is done with AJAX (by the way it is the name of a washing powder in Norwegian Call it what you want. W...A...).
  12. Note my minimalistic SEO rule for Web 1.0 sites.SEO Rule: Write quality content with simple clean code and and relevant anchor text in IBL's (if you have control over some of these - linking to this site / page etc.).There is much more in the way you present content on your site for exmple, writing for the web, the inverted pyramide style of writing, lateral thinking, semantic thinking, the long tail of SEO etc. Think like a bot, but write for human benings.Great content without IBL's is like a regatta without wind.
  13. kgun

    Spam bots

    Yes exactly, but by setting up a spider trap you can See if the Bot respects the robots.txt file See which part of your site it visits. Confuse it if it goes around robots.txt and block it if it continues on the second or third visit.
  14. Good answer. I would add.Note the Schema defines "the grammar" of the document. An xml document must be well-formed, bud need not validate, that is, conform to its schema.In my view, XML Schema is of utmost importance, especially for large companies since that will get a very strict control over their documents.<digression>Note there is a document function, that can be used in XSLT style sheets for accessing multiple documents from within one style sheet. It is an XSLT extension of XPath.</digression>
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