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  1. I have a script that toggles opened & closed states of text paragraphs. At the left of closed paragraph there is an image that is switched as the link is clicked and collapses the paragraph text. I have had difficulties with aligning image and text, so I am asking you a suggestion how to do this. Below I posted the most relevant parts of code.
  2. <!-- ............................ < F A V I C O N > ................. --><link rel="shortcut icon" href="images/favicon.png" type="image/png" /> <!-- // ....................... < F A V I C O N > ................... --> Favicon: I`ve placed what you see above in the code of a site , the png image on the image folder , then uploaded to the server. It worked immediately.The same has not happended with another site in another server.By the way I´ve tried the image web link :<link rel="shortcut icon" href="http://examplesite.com/images/favicon.png" type="image/png" /> It hasn´t worked either.Why sometimes it does not work ?Thanks
  3. The site in question is online : the link is www.mmkt.net.br.Please click on the link - *Consulte-nos* - in the footer. You´ll see the tab open.That means to click on * <a href="#" rel="privacy">Consulte-nos</a> * ;I located rel="privacy" into the file : http://mmkt.net.br/js/general.js;I have not been able to duplicate the function as described in the beginning of this post yet.Thank you.
  4. THANKS FOR POSTING GUYS : no need to download the file , I already have it , the jQuery Nivo Slider v2.3 is already on the server (file name js/jquery.nivo.slider.pack.js). As foxy mod and "cat" wrote it , the file is not accessible , the server by some unexplainable reason is blocking it.Thank you anyway.
  5. Why it failed to load online ? I checked that the file is there on the server. If try to load it the result is forbidden. What is going on here ?
  6. Thank you for answering my post.Finally , after many attempts , I managed to upload succesfully the files. Most of the site functions work but not all. Once again I downloaded the files that were uploaded to the server and found out that they are perfect : the downloaded site survives.However online that is another story : there is a jQuery Nivo Slider v2.3 that doesn´t work as it does on my local disk. 1- it is still a static html site , I am working on a folder that it is not c:wampwww , so that I cannot call it localhost.My experience with js is that if it works locally then It will work online. I´ve never had this problem before.2- Yes , I have here windows 8 and I think I am uploading to a Linux server. I am only employing lower case for folders and files.
  7. A perfectly operational site (html5+css+java script) , as it is ran from my local disk , has been uploaded to the server. It has not worked online! (as the navigation tabs are clicked the screens are not opened suggesting a problem with js files).As it is the first time that I host on the server of this company I suspected of some problem on server side (despite it is still static html) and then I uploaded to another web server on which I have space. It hasn´t worked either. My 2nd suspicion was something to do with FTP , despite I have never had any problem alike. I downloaded the files/folders from both servers with the same result : both came in as it is online , not working. I employ an old 32 bits program ACEFTP PRO 3.61.0 (sept 8 2004) to send files.By lack of options I started to suspect on everything ranging from file corruption during ftp transfer (ASCII vs. BINARY - this made me configure aceftp pro transfer option from auto to binary) to some incompatibility with my new 64 bits hardware. The next step was to employ Dreamweaver CS6 to do the upload task.I deleted all files from server and uploaded the site files with Dreamweaver. The result was again the same on both servers , the site does not work and once again I downloaded the files and tested the site on my local disk : site does not work. Some file probably a JS is corrupted.Up to now I have never had this problem before what makes me inquire what is going on here ?
  8. Apparently class .active has nothing to do with calling the function. There is a slideshow to change background image. It is where this class comes up. It is strange that it is there in the script code ?!
  9. Dear friendsInside my html code there is a link , <a href="#" rel="privacy">CONSULT US</a> *</p> , that calls the function (as pasted below) which is in general.js file : Quote: $(function(){ $('#content:not(.nav_block)>dt:not(.active) a,footer .privacy:not(.active) a[rel=privacy]').live('click',function(){ var next=this.rel=='privacy'?$('#privacy'):$(this).parent().next(), width=next.width(), parent=next.parent(), visible=parent.find('>dd:visible').css({overflow:'hidden'}) parent.addClass('nav_block') $('#content>dt,.privacy').removeClass('active') $(this).parent().addClass('active') if(this.rel=='privacy')$('#content>dt>a').removeClass('active').animate({opacity:0}) if(parent.css('left')!=0) next.parent().animate({left:0}) next.show().css({width:'64px'}).stop().animate({width:width+'px'},{ step:visible.length?function(now){ visible.width(width-now) }:'',complete:function(){ next.css({overflow:'visible'}) visible.css({width:width+'px'}).hide() parent.removeClass('nav_block') }}) return false }) $('.active a,#content.nav_block').live('click',function(){ return false }) $('#content>dt>a:not(.active)').css({opacity:0}) .live('mouseover',function(){ $(this).stop().animate({opacity:1}) }) .live('mouseout',function(){ $(this).stop().animate({opacity:0}) }) .live('click',function(){ $(this).addClass('active').parent().siblings().find('>a').removeClass('active').stop().animate({opac ity:0}) }) }) Needing another link to work as "privacy" does , I tried to duplicate the function above by copying and pasting it below the original one. Then I replaced every "privacy" value by "page1" .It has not worked as expected.Below I pasted part of the html on which is "privacy". Quote: ..................... <dd id="privacy"> <div class="inner"> <article> content ............. </article> </div> </dd> The idea is to duplicate the code so that it will work as well with "page1" : Quote: <dt class="dt1"> <a href="#"></a> </dt> <dd id="page1"> <div class="inner"> </div> </div> </dd> I am not quite sure I´ve provided you with all the information necessary to support me. If that is the case please let me know and I will give you more info. Thank you very much.
  10. Employing phpmyadmin (wamp) I created locally a db , added a table and some content. The db has been exported as a dump .sql file. Then I opened the cpanel > phpmyadmin on server side and tried to import this file with the following result (note .: the db does not exist on server yet) : Reading the error message it makes me think that if the db does not exist on the server , the dump cannot be imported. Before trying such procedure I had already thought it was necessary to create on server side such db. By means cpanel > mysql manager , I created a user and added the user to the db. Then I opened phpmyadmin (server) and tried to import the .sql dump file. I has not worked. My question is what is the correct procedure to import databases to the server ? What is the use of cpanel > mysql manager ? (so far I ´ve just employed it to create dbs for wordpress) Thanks
  11. if the database files reside in the path I created by means PHPMYADMIN (C:wampbinmysqlmysql5.6.12dataaug102013) which is not the path of the site I am working on (C:wampwwwmysite) , how am I going to test it and to know it works ? Let´s suppose the site folder is in C:wampwwwmysite and that I have the file index.php to establish connection with the database (….$db = mysql_connect("localhost", "root", ""); etc , etc) , if I type in the browser localhost:8080/mysite/ index.php , will there be local connection with my database ? I am trying to determine how it works.thanks
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