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  1. Hello, can you please advise on how to center the images of the individual books on this page? http://www.aidanandrewdun.com/books.html As a beginner, I got into the habit of absolute positioning - I apply it to almost everything and I’m not sure if it’s a good idea…and it's somehow doesn't work here anyway. Thank you!
  2. Hello, when I use images, do I always have to “Save for web and devices” through Photoshop in order to speed up the downloading process? It seems to me that the photos always lose on their quality/sharpness.
  3. Hello, a complete beginner here - I have just built my first website, but to my horror I realized that if I view it with another screen resolution, or on someone else's computer, it changes the whole appearance of the site, esp. the flow of the paragraphs, often to a very ugly result. Images start to overlap paragraph, and paragraphs suddenly look extremely narrow. I am happy to restructure the website, (built in html without Dreamweaver's help) but have no idea how - especially how to make the main structure adjust to different views (larger/smaller screens, i-pads etc) Thank you! You can view the website and its source here - http://www.aidanandrewdun.com/ I'd be grateful if you viewed the page source and let me know what I've been doing wrong.
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