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  1. Hi, thank you for help))) and patience. It was difficult for me to understand some things at first but I am quick. I would like to add you warming points. How can I do it. Bye! Good luck to you!

  2. Oh thank you, dsonesuk! The situation is funny)) I can't stop laughing)
  3. No, dots at the end of the file like apartment124..jpg I have already deleted the extra dots. In Total Commander I should only write "jpg" to change the extension but I wrote ".jpg" so it added one more extra dot to all the files which I chose for changing the extension. Now everything is great. Though I spent a lot time trying to find a mistake. I found great deal of good programs useful for future. And also this forum with very helpful members. Thank you all and thank you Sacred Member. Hope I use the word "extension" in the right sense, extension is .txt .dox .svg, right?
  4. I changed the extension of the files with Total Commander, but added extra dots to the names of the files(
  5. Sacred Member, thank you. I see now what you mean, I haven`t noticed that the JPG are in capital letters because on my computer I see the small letters.
  6. THE PROBLEM IS IN PHOTOS!!! I CHEKED I uploaded 1 photo on facebook and downloaded back/ Then I uploaded it on my site again and it is shown now. It is image called "nomera7". What a crazy camera I have! I have to do the same with the rest of the photos(
  7. All pictures are on the server I can download them from the server. I dont understnd why but pictures that are made by a aprofessional photographer are seen on the site. But personal pictures made by my camera are not seen on the site. Maybe some information which these pictures (from my cam) contain prevents them to be shown on the site. I have never experienced anything like this
  8. feodosia-dom.com.ua/apartment.html The size of the pictures is small, the pictures are on the site in the service files, the images are shown when I check the page on my omputer. But after uploading og the site on the server, many images are not shown Please help me with a problem
  9. Glad to see here everyone

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