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  1. Redemmer

    Starting out

    You can't learn it here?
  2. Redemmer

    Starting out

    Can the admin here change my name from "Redemmer" to "Redeemer". It seems I can't do it. So can someone do it for me?-Where do I have to go to learn how to make a forum website?
  3. How do you change your name? I found it before but now i can't!!
  4. Redemmer

    Starting out

    Thanks! Geez you guys are helpful...
  5. Redemmer

    Starting out

    Which notepad do I need? Maybe another version?
  6. Redemmer


    I thought that signatures would be like a picture + background + name. But I suppose that there is many different signatures.
  7. Redemmer

    Starting out

    Hello. I'm quite new here. For a while I have wanted to create my own website. My dad is planning to start a company and I would like to make the website for him. Any suggestions on where to start?-I have had no experience what so ever on creating webs!
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