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  1. For my blog post, how do I do it in HTML? Now this my HTML code: <hr />Text <br /><hr ><span style="font-size: x-small;">text</span><br /><hr />
  2. I am doing this only for specific blog posts. Not for all posts. How do I go about it?
  3. I have text in small size font size between two horizontal lines. I find the spacing is rather too wide. How do I reduce the spacing?
  4. The above link is broken. Here is the new link: http://digiztal.blogspot.my/2015/04/how-to-reduce-spacing-between.html
  5. o.k. Thank you for both your advice.
  6. How do I create excerpt for both Category and Tag?
  7. I found what I was looking for at: http://bloggerhelptips.blogspot.my/2015/04/how-to-reduce-spacing-between.html
  8. How do I reduce the spacing between the horizontal line and the text of WordPress visual editor?
  9. Yes, it works perfectly. Anyway, thanks for highlighting to me.
  10. I have this social sharing buttons which appear in both blog post and the PAGES. How do I set it so that they do not appear on the pages? Here is the code: function crunchify_social_sharing_buttons($content) { // Show this on post and page only. Add filter is_home() for home page if(is_singular()){ // Get current page URL $shortURL = get_permalink(); // Get current page title $shortTitle = get_the_title();
  11. It is a three column theme. I want to make the space between the sidebar and the main content area narrower. And also widen both sidebars outwards. The site is: http://lifelessonshome.com/
  12. My permalink is set in Post name. And why are my broken internal links end with .html? How do I fix this error?
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