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  1. Fantastic. As you said, I removed the $i reset (i.e. took out $i = 0;) and then the second row behaved as the first. Many thanks justsomeguy!
  2. thanks justsomeguy, As you suggested, for the second bit of code, I used $userTilesBottom and changed the following code: $userTiles = getAssocArr('SELECT DISTINCT autonumber, photoid, prefecture, firstname, nationality, language, teachingexperience,private_price FROM `TestTable` WHERE display = 1 AND date > date_sub(now(), interval 2 month) ORDER BY RAND() LIMIT 0,12'); $userTilesTop = array_slice($userTiles,0,6); $userTilesBottom = array_slice($userTiles,6,12); This worked. Many thanks. Also, I've located the code moving the tiles up and down
  3. Many thanks for the reply. Okay - code for the user tiles I think... $userTiles = getAssocArr('SELECT DISTINCT autonumber, photoid, prefecture, firstname, nationality, language, teachingexperience,private_price FROM `TestTable` WHERE display = 1 AND date > date_sub(now(), interval 2 month) ORDER BY RAND() LIMIT 0,10'); $userTilesTop = array_slice($userTiles,0,6); $userTilesBottom = array_slice($userTiles,6,6); And the CSS for the rollovers,... }.box6:hover { cursor:pointer; }.box6 .box6Inner { position:absolute; top:0; left:0; width:136px; height:272px;}.box6 .slide { width:136px; h
  4. Hello all, I have a piece of code (created by a developer, not myself) which displays images stored on a php / mySQL database. When the cursor goes over the images they 'flip' to display some information relating to that image. The original purpose of this code was to display just one line of images. However, I would now like to display two lines of images. When I repeat the code, a couple of things happen which I don't want to happen. The second line of images don't flip back to the original image when the cursor is removed from them. The second line uses the same images as the fi
  5. Thank you both for 2 working solutions. I used the second one (avoiding an encapsulating Div) and it worked a treat. Many thanks!
  6. Hello, I have a master div ID element which contains smaller class elements (boxes) which are currently set to float left. I would like these class elements to be centred within my master div and remain centred when the windowm scales. There also needs to be a space between the class elements (boxes) and there are two class elements positioned next to each other. My master div ID element which encapsulates the smaller classes has the following CSS #master { border: none; width: 100%; height:auto; margin-top: 0; margin-right: auto; margin-
  7. Hello, I have a master div ID in which I have a number of other divs: <div id="master"> <!--This is the open master div--><div id ="namestrip"></div><div id ="basicsbox"></div><div id ="videobox"></div><div id ="experiencebox"></div><div id ="teachingstylebox"></div></div> <!--This is a closes the master--> I have set the height of the master DIV ID to auto hoping it resizes to accommodate whatever is in it: #master /*the box we work in*/ { width: 1024px; height: auto; } However, as you c
  8. Many thanks for your quick reply. I tried these option quickly dsonesuk and option 1 worked to an extent but there seems to be a bit of overlap Option 2 worked also to an extent but I still had a problem with the third element dropping down below the first. However, I will play about with these variations and see if I can get something working and then post my results (if successful). Many thanks
  9. Hello, Sorry for the delay - more detail on the problem after some more head-scratching... I have three columns of text and images and have them placed within three elements (#contentbox_left, #contentbox_middle, #contentbox_right). With respect to padding these elements are slightly different which is why I created three different elements and did not use the same one three times (actually, the one in the middle only differs with padding...). #contentbox_left {/*three content boxes*/ max-width: 325px; width: 100%; margin: 0; padding: 0; float: left; background-colo
  10. Hello all, I am trying to resize an image, so that it fits when viewed on a screen with a resolution size of between 800 and 1023px. I would like the size of the image to change depending on the size of the screen - i.e. bigger when 1023 and smaller when 800. As such, I have tried to use the max-width: % command and the max-width: auto command hoping that the image will re-scale when I reduce the screen size but I have had no success. A problem seems to be when I reduce the size of the window, my right element which has property float: left moves down beneath the left element when the
  11. Yes, sorry about that. Noted: no such long code posts in future. dsonesuk, your suggestion worked perfectly. Many thanks.
  12. Hello all, I'm trying to create a site in CSS which uses the @media only screen command to display an output depending on the size of the screen which the site is being viewed from - i.e dynamic response. I am altering a tutorial to suit my needs and in the initial tutorial there are three size specifications which were set up: @media only screen and (max-width : 480px)@media only screen and (min-width : 481px) @media only screen and (min-width : 1024px) I wanted to add to this and create a fourth rule for screen sizes between 800 and 1024 and so added the following command and set up
  13. Many thanks to both of you.Both of these worked perfectly.
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