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  1. Thanks a million Foxy Mod! You have been a savior to me before, but once "Again !" I have missed the simple thing. Don't tell anyone, but I was saving as .txt instead of html
  2. Hello, I am having a problem which is new to me. I am stuck for what will be a long stay at the Kansas City VA Hospital. They have their own website which has to be logged into to gain internet access and also it is censored by a very strict content censoring. I can't access my cPanel because it is getting blocked. People say that it's not surprising, since some public government sites also get blocked. My web hosting provider "guru guy" says that it sounds like the 2083 port is getting snagged and blocked. The url to my control panel is https://protonhosting.com:2083/ I can't
  3. I deleted my post, I think I was getting confused.
  4. Well... Welcome Ron. I'm just a "nobody", but I want to be a " somebody" someday. I'll say again, Welcome Ron. My name is John, most everyone calls me "JD". Here, my username is "keytone" I have asked some "goofy" questions in this forum and have found everyone to be very patient and extremely helpful, even when I think my question is a little bit "goofy". I consider myself a beginner. The moderators keep a close watch on posts and have always known exactly how to guide me in the right direction. They seem to really want to help and share their experience and knowledge Everybody
  5. ok, I'm back. Yes, I understand, I think. The problem that I'm trying to get around is that they may click the link in their e-mail that takes them to my page, then they can just close that tab when they're done. That's the way it is supposed to be. But I have talked to a few people that (when they close my page) are using the very "top-right" red X and wind up closing the whole browser. The "new window"idea was my first thought, then I thought maybe if I could put a "click here to close this page" type of button and "self-close" that page, that it might work, but I wouldn't know if that
  6. Oh, thanks. I guess I wasn't thinking of it as a pop-up. My concept was to make the new window the same size (or very close to it) as the browser tab that their e-mail is and put a page inside that new window. The idea being that when they close that window, they aren't closing their email or browser tab. You're right, I guess it is a pop-up, just a big one . Maybe I should be thinking along the lines of "self-closing" the tab or page that is opened when they click on my page link. Now I sense that I'm not making any sense again...
  7. Well, if you noticed my name, you would expect another goofy question! I am trying to figure out how to send a link to someone and just have it open a new window ( such as with window.open instead of opening a whole new browser tab. I want to just have a window ( which I can choose the size ). I can't figure a way, but then there have been a thing or two along the way in life that I have had trouble figuring out! If any of you has any advice that could guide me, I would be very, very grateful. John
  8. Thanks, that what I thought. I appreciate you answering, John
  9. Hi everyone! I'm back with another goofy, simple question. They seem to plague me sometimes. I just want to send an address type link in a e-mail, (duh! I know) but I want the page to open as a small window, like a popup. I can't seem to figure out how to get the page I'm linking to .... to open as a small new window so when they close it, it won't close their browser and they'll still be in their e-mail. Have I successfully confused myself? I don't get too shook about asking a dumb question anymore, but I sure could use some advice. Thank you, JD
  10. Thank you very, very much! You truly are the Wizard of foxes!
  11. Hello again everyone! Yes indeed, I come groveling back with another question. I'm trying to let the user click to go through an array of quotations. It works fine, but I can only get it to work if I use Math.round and Math,random I don't know how to use anything but random I want to just go through the array in order,then start over. Maybe I need to do do something the variable num I don't know and I've got myself so confused that I'm tearing my hair out, and if you see my picture you can see I don't have much to spare! The page: http://jdsplace.us/generator/funnyquotes.htm
  12. Thanks a million, I new you could make it simple! I guess I'll have to resign myself to doing each "already written" page one at a time.
  13. Hi everyone! Yep, I'm back again with a new question. I've been looking for a way to get my page adjust to the viewer's screen size and I think I've found it. Using some code I got from a bootstrap basic template ( not all of it, just some ) to adjust my page to fit larger screens. I haven't tried it with smaller screens yet, since I don't have access to one, but I'm pretty sure it will work. My screen is 1366px width and that is what I was looking at when I wrote the pages. The problem I was trying to avoid thinking about but now face is : I have many, many pages...my whole site!
  14. Thanks, you gave me a place to start. I just didn't know where. keytone
  15. Hi everyone. I was planning to not trouble anyone with questions for a while, but.... I don't want anyone writing the code for me, just, a point in the right direction. What I want to do is have a simple input form for a viewer to enter a few words of info, but I haven't even got a clue on where the info would go. How's that for ignorant? I have some pics that a viewer could identify and tell me what they are. If I make an input form, I don't know where the entered info goes. Sounds pretty dumb, huh? I am eager to learn how, but don't know where to start. Am I looking at lea
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