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  1. Hello, I have a collection of html pages in hindi texts and now I want to convert those into Unicode font as per the demand. So can any one tell me the perfect javascript code that can do this task at the time of page load (without any click event). Thanks
  2. vivekrkt

    epub reader

    Yes, I have done.. But didn't find any useful link. All were talking about the extention that I don't have to use. Please suggest me some useful. - Thanks
  3. vivekrkt

    epub reader

    Hello friends, I have some .epub books that I want to display on my webpage just like embeding some reader and put that epub file in the source. But don't know how to and what type of reader I should use. The epub reader should fetch the .epub files from my server. Please help me. Its very urgent. Thanks in advance! -Vivek
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