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  1. There are certain typical concerns with images on the web, and you may share them in more detail. I'm hoping you'll be able to discover an answer!
  2. biju

    The Light Bulb

    Thanks for the reply! Actually I'm bad in English, Sorry for the inconvenience. By the way, This is what I wanted to know, see here in <img> tag, src image is "pic_bulboff.gif", only and this is normal that it refers to Turn off the light button. But where is the "pic_bulbon.gif" image source that can refer to Turn on the light button? What do you think, is it a magic or anything else that I don't know, Please? Note: I'm going to practice with same codes in Notepad++ to make something like that and yes, I got a nice result without only an issue, that, there isn't any impact by clicking on Turn off the light and Turn on the light button. I saw, it is going to show me the result by depending on the source image (such as src="images/pic_bulboff.gif") between the buttons. So, with same codes how is that possible there to turn on or turn off light in Tryit Editor ? My result from notepad++ below...
  3. biju

    The Light Bulb

    Hello friends!. This is my first time to learn Js. I'm confused to get this codes. See the attached image. I've seen there an image called pic_bulboff.gif in img html tag, that I marked with red color. Unfortunately, I didn't find any HTML tag with pic_bulbon.gif back there in this Tryit Editor , (I marked by green) Even how is it possible to show this image {pic_bulbon.gif) there by clicking on the " Turn on the light" button? Thanks in advance.
  4. Hello everybody here! This is my 3rd step that I want to learn Java Script Language. Before I've finished HTML and CSS. Please, Could anyone share some informative links that make me happy to learn it soon? Thanks in advance...
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    I didn't know about Coda, This is my first time I heard like that. Mainly I'm newbie in Web Designing. Many thanks for this information.
  6. biju

    Download link

    I think you must search on Google to find many example there. I've found another one here in this tutorial.
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