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  1. hello all, Recently i created a fuction auto incriment of no. in html pages but there is a problem in this when the html page load again the counting start with its origin the fuction is: <script type="text/javascript">var number = 1;function increment(){ number++; showNumber(number); number = number;}function showNumber(num){ document.getElementById("displayDiv").innerHTML = num;}window.onload = function(){ setInterval("increment()", 1000); showNumber(number);}</script> <div id="displayDiv"></div> where is the problem? why it
  2. sir sorry but i dont about sql quires so kindly explain me briefly. m create a user page where i can the user name. but i dont understand how i post particular content for particular user page
  3. Dear all if you all want any type of source code then tell me too I will post the same. And if you have the PHP template then please mail me source code on anshulmahipal@yahoo.com
  4. Sir I tried alot even change a logo pic too but still it not showing.
  5. Sir, thanks to give me idea about. Will you please a little code about it
  6. Hello guys,. I almost complete my website including member area but now problem comes....... I need a help that every user can access their content and content is posted by admin via c pannel. for example suppose I am a admin and a user called x create his account now he is able to access the page called user.php and now admin post a content on x user page which accessible by x user only after login and other user not even saw the same content even after login so help me on this please . Please provide me source code too.
  7. Dear sir, i already told you that i am a newbie so please help me on this if you need any source coding then please tell me i mail you the same . and please try to give me hint on error
  8. can it working if i change the logo image?? and i change the extention of same but still it not working i try to make change in coding
  9. Dear all i want a php template in free can anyone help me???
  10. style.css <?phpfunction headersection() {echo "<!-- InstanceEndEditable --><!-- InstanceBeginEditable name="head" --><!-- InstanceEndEditable -->n"; echo "<style type="text/css" media="all">n"; echo "<!--n"; echo "@import url("styles.css");n"; echo "-->n"; echo "</style>n"; echo "<style type="text/css" media="print">n"; echo "<!--n"; echo "This is the stylesheet for web page printing. It is optional.n"; echo "-->n"; echo "<!--n"; echo "@import url("print.css");n"; echo "-->n"; echo "</style>n"; echo "<!--[if IE 5]>n"; echo
  11. Dear all, From last two moths i try to develop a website in php all working fine but there is one problem rises and that is php header my website is http://www.accuracypoint.webuda.com the logo is not shown properly kindly seen that and solve the same Thanks in advance
  12. Dear All , I Develop an php website but the at last i dont know what happen the logo is not shown fully http://www.accuracypoint.webuda.com kindly seen it and give me solution of that this is my school project
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